Well prepared for the winter and autumn bathroom renovation

Autumn is not only reflected in the human perception, and its dry, cool climate is ideal for decoration, so the fall is the peak season for house decoration. Bathroom is in contact with us every day, is a very important part of life, and bathroom renovation, the most important is the need for waterproof, waterproof bathroom renovation then what to pay attention to it? Here we take a look.

Good autumn bathroom renovation, leak-proof five Precautions

First, try not to destroy the original waterproof layer

In building the new delivery, the toilet, bathroom and kitchen on the ground have done in accordance with the relevant specifications waterproof layer, therefore, does not undermine the general is not going to happen after the original occupancy leakage of waterproof layer. Now common problem is that the decoration will add some bathroom amenities and a variety of upper and lower water lines or move to re-layout, the building itself has been severely damaged original waterproof layer, however, no repair or re-do the waterproof construction that leakage occurs after the discovery of the problem.

Experience: waterproof layer at the renovated ground easily damaged. If not timely repair, leakage will occur in the future, affecting the neighborhood. So we need to protect the decoration waterproof layer, if accidentally damaged to be repaired, so as not to stay hidden.

Second, re-tile the floor to do the ground water

If you need to replace the original bathroom tiles, floor tiles after the original chipped away, be sure to leveling the ground with cement mortar, do waterproofing, waterproof coating so because of uneven thickness resulting in leakage can be avoided. Before doing waterproof, be sure to clean the floor with polyurethane waterproof coating repeatedly brushing 2-3 times.

Experience: Pipe joints and seams ground between the upper and lower water between the wall and the ground is where the most prone to problems, be sure to supervise the workers deal with these corners, waterproof coating must be applied in place. Require renovation team to the kitchen, the bathroom plumbing will be good cement mulch, brush from the ground up 10-20 cm of polyurethane waterproof coating, then ground and then redo polyurethane waterproof, with original waterproof layer, waterproof layer composed of complex, to enhance the water resistance.

Third, we must make the walls waterproof

When the bathroom bathing water splash nearby wall, if not to protect the waterproof layer, next to walls and vertical angles easy to damp moldy walls. So be sure to shop before the wall tiles, good wall waterproofing. Water treatment in general do 30 cm high wall waterproofing treatment, but the lightweight non-load bearing wall, it is necessary to do the entire wall of water, at least be 1.8 meters high.

Experience: location adjacent walls and shower water should be 1.8 meters high, the use of bath, with tub adjacent wall is higher than the height of waterproof paint on the bathtub edge.

Four, with 24 hours 'water test' acceptance waterproof

After the waterproofing finish, sealed the door and drain in the bathroom floor fills the water level reaches a certain height, and cook mark, within 24 hours if there is no level decreased significantly, especially the roof of the home downstairs did not happen leakage, waterproof qualified to do. As unqualified acceptance, waterproofing must redo the whole, the re-acceptance.

Experience: For acceptance waterproof lightweight wall construction, water spray test should be taken that the use of water pipes from top to bottom uninterrupted good waterproof coating sprayed on walls 3 minutes, another wall was observed after 4 hours whether there will permeate side of the phenomenon, if no penetration phenomenon can be considered wall waterproofing acceptance.

Fifth, the walls have to do water pipes groove

When the pipeline construction process, such as through the floor drain, the holes must be carefully waterproof layer surrounding construction. Buried pipes in the wall, so that rational distribution, laying water pipes will be made ​​larger than the diameter of the groove, the groove smooth plaster, then brush polyurethane waterproof coating groove.

Experience: kitchen, bathroom on the ground must slope to drain port, appropriate to increase the slope, a kitchen, the bathroom pipes should try to avoid changes to the original renovation of drainage and sewers and drain position, to avoid re-calandria chisel floor waterproof layer cause damage leakage.

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