Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released yesterday, 2011, "Corporate Social Responsibility Blue Book", the state-owned, private and foreign hundred large level of development of social responsibility ranking. Embarrassing that the above corporate average score of only 19.7 points, two-thirds of the companies in the "bystander" status, social responsibility reports more than Bacheng A-share listed companies issued fail.
SOE hundred social responsibility is still in its infancy, with an average score of 32.8 points, nearly half of the state-owned enterprises in the sidelines; private hundred average of only 13.3 points, eight in the sidelines; foreign hundred average of only 12.5 points, nearly eight percent in sidelines. (November 9 China Network)
Have to say, this is a very frustrating statistics: social responsibility report more than Bacheng A-share listed companies issued fail, private hundred Bacheng the sidelines, foreign companies also Bacheng hundred such a people in the sidelines ...... embarrassing statistics so much so that these companies blush, MO as it allows the relevant government departments more blush. Because when most state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign enterprises have chosen CSR stand by, indifferent, when only indicate a problem: our social management is a problem in some areas, but let corporate social responsibility and dedication to lose big issue.
What is corporate social responsibility? It is an enterprise to create profits, bear legal responsibility to shareholders, while its commitment to employees, customers, communities and the environment responsibility. Especially in the contemporary information society and industrial society blend of the situation, it is beyond the requirements of corporate profits as the sole target of the traditional concept of social responsibility focus, more emphasis on human values ​​of concern in the production process for consumers, on the environment and contribute to society. This is a basic "foundation" of modern enterprise development road, most enterprises in Western countries to achieve development while also follow this concept - the benefit of the people, nurturing community.
"Orange Health Huainan was orange, trifoliate born in Huaibei," Why in the West obediently fulfill corporate social responsibility foreign to the Chinese later on seemed so lack of social responsibility is it, and why so many rich and powerful state-owned enterprises and private enterprises also cover the purse does not want to do our social responsibility, we are not a business to find out why some of the concerns it from.
First, these enterprises are lack of social responsibility, a very important reason is fear of too famous. It should be said, for an enterprise, through the famous social responsibility is a good thing, but in some places the current micro-environment, corporate social responsibility to do too in place, it may lead to some other problems, such as the township government sponsorship, so you pay for roads and other various names "responsibility" would have come, so many companies prefer not to charity, not donations, muffled large fortune, not tease such trouble.
Secondly, because some companies annual financial report is not very transparent, and in related activities in corporate social responsibility, is bound to involve some expenses, how to deal with financial clarity and opinions are not uniform problem between shareholders is very troublesome thing , many CEOs still much less attitude in line with the purpose of "low profile" of doing things.
There is currently work for corporate social responsibility to do good business, the relevant state preferential policies and incentives are not standardized, opaque, there is no single standard can be expected is a lot of companies do not want to do social responsibility reasons. If the business because of outstanding contributions to employment, social welfare, environmental protection, the government through tax cuts and other policies to encourage and strictly prohibit all assessed and checked, so that enterprises can smoothly carry out their daily production, I believe there will be many companies because of the preferential policies of "Temptation" and actively participate in public welfare, charity and other social responsibility activities.
In fact, when it comes to social responsibility, according to the current severe employment situation, if say a normal business operations, maintain profit margins, to solve the employment part of the crowd, so that workers can be promptly sent to wages, the wage would raise, I think, it would be best to social responsibility. But rather those with a monopoly position to reap huge profits throwing money around "to make social responsibility" of the large state-owned enterprises, which reflect upon the social responsibility to do this much water, is not that timely "thin downsizing" to some private space for development and profit , so that they can have a share, a better solution urban employment and better fulfill their social responsibilities, so if you really believe that time corporate responsibility statistics will not like this people face fever