The company's services work closely around the needs of users, all for the sake of users. "If you want in front of the user's requirements." Before enacting strict standard services, the establishment of a high standard of service system, the development of "hard me a man, a warm home," the spirit of service, "If I was what I would want the user" , put ourselves for the sake of users. Through thoughtful and meticulous work to humanity, by providing our customers with the service type move, to provide customers with comprehensive professional "family" service, customer satisfaction, pillows consumption.
Three services:
whole process: high standards of service, including the preliminary investigation and the whole process of consultation, service, and through service upgrades, making it a virtuous cycle to improve the system to ensure that the user's pillow.
full participation: The company set up a "second line of a wire service, full service for our customers," the idea, requiring all employees to participate in every process of production and services to keep the customer is responsible for ensuring appeal to every responsible attitude item work perfect service.
according to different types of customers personalized service, differentiated services, to meet the customer's individual requirements.